The openwith statement opens a document with a specific application.


This statement has two parameters:

application – the name of the application to be launched. This can include the .app suffix, but it doesn’t have to.

path – is a path to the file to be opened, including the file name (see Files and Folders for more information about file paths).


This statement opens a document with a specific application. This has the same effect as dragging the document to the application in the Finder. The first example will open the PDF document concert-ticket.pdf in Preview. The second example will open it in PDFPen.

openwith "Preview","~/downloads/concert-ticket.pdf"
openwith "PDFPen","~/downloads/concert-ticket.pdf"

If you want to open a document with its default application, use the openanything statement.

Legacy File/Folder Syntax

Previous versions of Panorama (version 6 and before) used a folder/file format for specifying files and locations. If you prefer this format, you can add a third parameter to the openwith statement. This example opens an image using Pixelmator.

openwith "Pixelmator",dbsubfolder("Images"),"someimage.png"

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