The openurlinbackground statement opens a URL (usually a web page or to create an e-mail message) without bringing forward the app that handles the URL (in other words, Panorama remains the frontmost application).


This statement has one parameter:

url – is the the URL to be opened. If you are opening a web page, it is the absolute URL of the web page, starting with http://. If you are creating an e-mail message, it must begin with mailto: followed by the e-mail address (optionally followed by ? and the e-mail subject).


The openurlinbackground statement opens a web page, creates an e-mail message (or sends a URL to any application that handles a custom URL scheme) in the background. Panorama remains the frontmost application even as the second application processes the URL. This is especially useful for applications that handle the x-callback-url protocol (see xcallbackurl), since it allows you to communicate with these applications without excessive screen flashing.

To open a web page in the background use the “http://” scheme. This example opens the HTML document Roadshow.html on the web server . The HTML document will be opened using the default web browser.

openurlinbackground ""

If you want to open a URL and bring it foward, use the openurl statement.

Error Messages

Could not open URL – This error occurs if the URL is not valid.

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