A mailing list for storing names and addresses is one of the most basic database applications, and is very simple to create with Panorama. The basic mailing list will look like this:

Later, you’ll also build a custom interface for this database that looks like this, including a custom searchable list, data entry, and even a map:

Creating the New Database

To quickly create a new mailing list database, choose File>New>New Database From Template>Mailing List. This creates the database and opens a dialog with a list of fields.

For the purposes of this tutorial, this mailing list will only contain addresses in the United States, so we don’t need a Country field. However, I do want to include a phone number field, so I edit the list of fields to remove Country and add Phone. When the list of fields is set up the way I want (don’t worry, fields can easily be added or removed later), I press the Construct Fields button.

Panorama has done all the work for you. For each field, it has set up all of the necessary options, including the data type, width, automatic capitilization, formulas and more.

You don’t have to accept the field options that Panorama has set up for you. To examine or change the options, simply click on the Properties tool to open the Field Properties Panel. For example, I can use this panel to change the Phone field to Cell.

(If you try changing the field name now yourself, be sure to set the field name back to Phone afterward, some of the following steps in the tutorial assume this field is called Phone.)

See the links below to learn more about adding, removing, and manipulating fields.

Creating a New Database from a Text File

In this example a new database was created from scratch – completely empty. You can also create a new database from an existing text file. The File>New>New Database from Text File command will automatically read in the text and set up the fields. See Creating a New Database to learn more.

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