To merge two adjacent fields, use the Merge Fields dialog. This dialog can be accessed from the toolbar or from the Fields menu.

Before opening the dialog, click on the leftmost field you want to merge. In most cases you can simply pick the text you want to use to join the fields (if any), type in the new field name, and press the Merge button. In this case the Last and First name fields are joined with a comma and space to create a combined Name field.

In addition to the option in the menu, you can choose Other and then type any text you want to be inserted between the merged fields.

Intelligently Omitting Joiner Text

Normally Panorama is smart and omits the joiner in between the fields if one or both of the fields is empty.

If necessary, however, you can tell Panorama to always include this text even if one or both fields are missing.

Keep Original Fields

The Keep Original Fields option allows you to merge the fields while still keeping the original split fields.

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