The standard matching options can be combined in many ways to easily perform most searches, but Panorama has an even more powerful option — searching with a Boolean formula. This option allows you to locate virtually anything that can be described by Panorama’s powerful formulas.

The formula is true option relies on the ability of a formula to make comparisons and true-false decisions. See True/False Formulas for a detailed explanation of true-false logic. Here is an example that shows how a formula can be used to combine both and and or operators into a single query.

The formula is true option allows you to select data based on calculations or comparisons between two fields. For example, the formula

Price/Cost > 2

allows you to quickly locate items with high profit margins, like this.

Panorama has hundreds of different functions that can be used in a formula to perform very specific selections.

Combining Formulas with Other Search Options

A formula search can be combined with standard search options, like this:

If you wanted to include this search in a procedure, the code to select this set would be:

Select (State = "CA" or State = "AZ") and Organization contains "lab" 

You can even combine multiple formulas in different rows. You can intermix formulas and standard search options in any combination.

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