The previousmatch statement locates the previous (closer to the top) visible record in the active database for which the condition specified in the most recent Find statement is true.


No parameters.


This statement scans the active database up from the current record and locates the next visible record which matches the condition specified by the most recent Find statement. This statement can only be used in conjunction with the Find, FindBackwards, FindBelow or FindAbove statements.

This example finds the second from the last record for John Smith in the database.

findbackwards Customer = "John Smith"

Note: If no records above the current record meet the specified criteria Panorama will leave the active record where it was before the PreviousMatch statement executed.

The PreviousMatch statement is very similar to the FindAbove statement. However, the PreviousMatch statement doesn’t allow you to specify a new search condition. Instead, it uses the search condition established by the most recently used Find, FindBackwards, FindBelow or FindAbove statement.

Note: The PreviousMatch statement always searches above the current record, even if the most recent search was done with the FindBackwards or FindAbove statements. If you want to search below the current record, use the NextMatch statement.

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