The selectreverse statement makes every visible record invisible, and every invisible record visible.


No parameters.


This statement reverses the unselected (or invisible) and selected (or visible) records in a database. For example, if a database has 10 records and 3 are selected prior to doing a selectreverse, afterwards 7 records will be selected and 3 will be unselected. This example selects all records that are NOT in California.

select State="CA"

Note: Of course the same effect could be achieved with the statement

select State<>"CA"

However, the selectreverse statement is useful when you do not know how the current selection was arrived at.

Since there must be at least one visible record in a Panorama database at all times, the selectreverse statement has no effect if all records are selected.

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10.0No ChangeCarried over from Panorama 6.0.