The selectadditional statement adds unselected records to a previously selected group if they match the true-false test.


This statement has one parameter:

condition – is a Boolean formula (a formula with a true/false result).


This statement is used to add records to a previously selected group for which a specified Boolean formula is true. All previously unselected records for which the formula is false will remain invisible, while records that were already visible will remain visible whether the formula is true or not for those records.

This example selects all records for Hawaii and then selects additional records for California.

select State = "HI"
selectadditional State = "CA"

Of course there is no reason to use separate statements like this, normally you would combine these into a single statement:

select State = "HI" or State = "CA"

However, selectadditional is useful when you don’t know all the criteria in advance, but want to incrementally build up the selection.

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