The addfield statement adds a new field to the current database (on the end).


This statement has one parameter:

name – is the name of the new field you want to create.


This statement adds a new field to the database at the end of all the current fields. (If you want to insert a new field into the middle of the current fields, use the insertfield statement. The new field is created as a text field. Use the fieldtype statement if you need to convert the new field to a numeric, date, choice or binary field. (Note: the new field does not become the current field. Use the field statement to make the new field current before changing the type or performing other operations on the field.)

This simple example adds a new field called Notes at the end of the current database.

addfield "Notes"

This example creates a new field called Ratio, converts it to floating point, and then calculates values for the new field.

addfield "Ratio"
field "Ratio"
fieldtype "float"
formulafill "Price/Cost"

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but no longer supports the `DIALOG` option.