The activegrid statement manages the operation of a grid that controls a series of options.


This statement has two parameters:

operation – The operation that is to be performed on the grid. Available operations include InitializeDimensions, SetGridHeight, MakeGridRows, InsertRow, DeleteRow and DragRow.

row – The row that is targeted by this operation.


This statement manages the operation of a grid that controls a series of options. Several standard Panorama dialogs use this statement, including Find/Select, Sort, Manipulate Data and Analyze Data. This statement manages creating the grid, as well as adding, removing and rearranging rows in the grid. The procedure that invokes this statement needs to implement several callback subroutines for customizing the grid, including newGridHeight:, updatePreview: and makeGridRow:. The calling procedure needs to create a fileglobal variable named gridSpec that contains a dictionary of specifications for the grid, including Content – a carriage return separated specification for the grid with one line per row, NewContentLine – a blank line to be added to the content when a new row is added to the grid, and RowHeight, the height of each row in points. The form that contains the grid needs to have an object named activeGridBoundary, this controls the location and size of the grid within the form (a form is not allowed to have more than one grid).

Consult the source code for more details (for custom statements that call this as well as this statement itself).

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