The downloaddatabasefromserver statement downloads a database file from a Panorama server.


This statement has one parameter:

options – dictionary containing download options. HOST is the name of the host server. DATABASE is the name of the database to download. DESTINATION is the path and name where the downloaded database should be saved. ASYNCCALLBACK is used for background downloads; if supplied, this is the label that Panorama will jump back to when the download is complete. ASYNCEXTRADATA is an optional additional dictionary that contain whatever you want; it will be passed back to the completion code for asynchronous downloads. PROGRESS is an optional variable name; if supplied it will be updated with a value from 0 to 100 as an asynchronous download advances (see the Displaying Progress section of urltask( for further details.) PROGRESSEXTRASYNC allows you to specify an additional variable that will be displayed (but with no value change) as the download proceeds, useful for use with Matrix objects.


This statement downloads a database file from a Panorama server. This example will download the database Mailing List synchronously (Panorama will be blocked until the download is complete).

downloaddatabasefromserver initializedictionary(
    "HOST","Company Server",
    "DATABASE","Mailing List",
    "DESTINATION",info("desktopfolder")+"Mailing List.pandb")

To download in the background (asynchronously), supply a CALLBACKLABEL. The specified label will be called when the download is finished. Panorama will pass one parameter to this routine, a dictionary that contains the name of the database being downloaded (DATABASE) and the path and name it was saved to (SAVEPATH).

downloaddatabasefromserver initializedictionary(
    "HOST","Company Server",
    "DATABASE","Mailing List",
    "DESTINATION",info("desktopfolder")+"Mailing List.pandb"),
    let downInfo = parameter(1)
    let database = getdictionaryvalue(dxinfo,"DATABASE")
    let path = getdictionaryvalue(dxinfo,"SAVEPATH")
    nsnotify database+" download complete","text","Saved to "+path

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