The webselect statement select data on web server using a formula.


This statement has one parameter:

formula – the end of the URL (everything after the procedure name).


This statement selects data on a web server using a formula. This statement must be used instead of the regular select statement if you are using htmldatatable with the multi-page option. In general we recommend always using this for selections on the server. Here is a selection that isolates all records with a price greater than 100.

webselect Price > 100

A side effect of this procedure is that a global variable named cgiSelectedRecordCount is created and filled with the number of records that match the formula. If cgiSelectedRecordCount contains zero then no records were matched, so you should render HTML for an empty selection (the htmldatatable statement takes care of this for you).

Unlike Panorama 6 and earlier versions of Panorama, the webselect statement now allows you to use variables in the selection formula with no special preparation. You do not need to enclose the variable names with “« »” or #« »#, you can just use them normally. For example in the past you might have had to use this special format to include the maxPrice variable in a webselect formula.

webselect Price < #«maxPrice»#

Starting with Panorama X, this is not necessary, you can just use the normal syntax. (However, the “weird” syntax will also work, if you have existing programs that use it.)

webselect Price < maxPrice

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10.2UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but now allows variables in the formula with no special handling.