The serverlog statement adds a line to one or more server logs.


This statement has two parameters:

logs – slash (/) separated array specifying what logs to add this line to: share/shareerror/web/weberror. Or, you can specify the action being performed from this list: startstop, logon, openclose, savesync, modifydata, bulkmodifydata, cgiget, cgipost

logline – lines to be added to log.


This statement adds a line to one or more server logs, and/or output the line to the terminal (standard output). This example adds a line to both the sharing and web server logs (if they are enabled).

serverlog "share/web","Start Server"

This example will add a line to the web server log, if it is enabled.

serverlog "cgiget","Add new person to database: "+personName

Note: You can also leave off the first parameter. In that case, the action will default to cgiget.

serverlog "Add new person to database: "+personName

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10.2UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but now allows an operation to be specified instead of the log names, and can send output to standard output (where it will be visible if running Panorama Server under