The Blueprint dialog sheet allows you to view and modify the raw specifications of selected objects in a form (or the entire form). Usually you would use the property panels for this (see Object Inspector Panel), but the blueprint allows you to directly access the “source code” for any object.

The fastest way to open this dialog is to select one or more objects, then right click and choose Blueprint from the pop-up menu.

You can also select the object and click on the Blueprint tool in the toolbar.

Here’s the Blueprint dialog sheet in action to change this star object from blue to red and from 5 points to 12.

The Blueprint dialog sheet is very handy for copying multiple object properties from one object to another, and also for transferring an object’s specifications into a procedure. In fact, the blueprint is actually ready-to-use program code. If you want to use the code to create a new object with these specifications, simply change the first line from changeobject to newformobject. In this example, the Blueprint dialog sheet is used to help make a simple program that creates a row of stars.

See NewFormObject for more information about creating objects with a procedure.

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