If you have a row or column of objects, Panorama can adjust the objects so that the same amount of space is in between each pair of objects. The objects themselves don’t have to be the same size.

To adjust the space between several objects, first select the objects, then right click on one of the objects and choose Spacing from the pop-up menu. (You can also choose Spacing from the Object menu.) A dialog appears allowing you to specify the amount of space you want and whether you want to adjust the space vertically or horizontally. This example demonstrates how to adjust the space in a vertical column of objects.

You can also use this option on a horizontal row of objects. (Notice that Panorama usually automatically figures out what direction you want to use.

The Spacing dialog will also work with a two dimensional grid of objects. This example uses a grid of two columns (one containing labels, the second containing Text Editor objects). Panorama understands that it needs to keep objects that are next together together, and not put a vertical gap in between them. This only works if the objects are perfectly aligned on the grid.

The example above also shows that the selected objects don’t have to all be the same height or width. The Address object above is taller, but Panorama still correctly places the gaps above and below it.

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