Panorama has several types of objects that display text, including

By default, these objects display text using the default system font, but you can customize the font and size using either the Fonts tool or the Object Inspector Panel.

Fonts Tool

To use the Fonts tool, first select the object (or objects) you want to modify, then click on the tool. Then choose the font and/or size you want to use.

Object Inspector Panel

You can also change the font and size directly from the Text panel of the Object Inspector Panel. You can either type in the font name (with auto-complete, and/or choose the from pop-up menus.

System Fonts

In addition to regular fonts, there are 11 system fonts available, all starting with # If you pick one of these fonts, the actual font will be picked for you by the system. These are standard Apple fonts. For example, #SystemFont is Helvetica Neue on OS X 10.9 and 10.10, but on 10.11 and later it is San Francisco. This adjustment is made for you automatically! (Of course you need to set up your forms to allow for slight variations in font metrics.)

Use the system fonts if you want to make sure your forms look just like regular windows in other applications.

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