In Graphic Design Mode, use the Appearance panel in the Object Inspector Panel to change the color, fill, stroke, opacity and drop shadow attributes of selected objects (see Selecting Form Objects).

Object Color

There are three ways to set the color of selected objects: the Color tool, the Color swatch, and the Color hex editor.

Clicking either the color tool or the color swatch opens the familiar standard system color picker.

Using the color hex editor, you can directly type in a color in standard RRGGBB web format. (If you are not familiar with this format, see the Web Colors Wikipedia entry for more information.) Press the Return key when you have finished editing a color.

You can use the color hex editor to copy the color from one object to another, so that they exactly match. Start by clicking on the first object, then select and copy the RRGGBB color. Then click on the second object and paste the color value into the color hex editor. The pop-up that appears when copying and pasting is not part of Panorama, it is a utility called PopClip that is running on our computer.

These examples have shown how to change the color for a single object, but you can select multiple objects and change them all to the same color in one fell swoop.

Not all objects allow the color to be modified. Most do, but user interface widgets (buttons, pop-up menus, sliders, etc.) have fixed colors that cannot be modified.

Object Fill

There are three choices for how an object is filled: Solid, Outline, and Hollow. In this illustration the background color has been set to gray so that you can see the difference between Outline and Hollow.

When an object is hollow, objects that are behind it “peek” thru, like seeing something behind a donut hole.

Object Stroke

There are three choices for the stroke around a shape object: Solid, Dashed and None. You can make the stroke width thick or thin.

When you use a dashed stroke you can control the ratio of the on/off period for the dash, and you can also control the starting point of the dash (the phase).

You can, of course, also vary the stroke width for a dashed stroke.

Object Opacity (Transparency)

Many types of objects can be transparent or semi-transparent, including shapes, text and images.

Drop Shadow

The drop shadow option works well with shapes and images.

The drop shadow option does not work with user interface widgets (buttons, etc.).

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