Why do the same work twice? Panorama has several methods for creating a duplicate of one or more objects in a form. Note: The form must be in Graphics Mode to use these techniques.

The Duplicate Command

To duplicate one or more objects, first select the objects, then right click on one of the objects and choose Duplicate Objects from the pop-up menu. You can also choose the Duplicate tool from the Toolbar. The new object(s) are placed just below and to the right of the originals.

If you duplicate an object (or objects) and then immediately drag (and/or nudge) the copy to a new position, Panorama will memorize this position relative to the original object. Now if you duplicate the copy, Panorama will automatically place the copy of the copy in the same relative position. This makes it easy to quickly create a row or column of identical objects.

Drag Duplicating

You can also duplicate an object by dragging the object with the Option key held down. When the Option key is held down you drag a copy of the object(s), instead of the original. Just hold down the Option key and drag the same way you would to move the object(s). When the mouse is released a second copy of the object(s) appears at the new location.

If you want the copy to line up with the original, press and hold the Shift key after you start dragging the object. This prevents the object from being dragged diagonally. Note: You must wait to press the Shift key until after you start dragging. If you press the Shift key before you click, it will simply de-select the object.

Once you have created a copy by Option dragging, you can make another copy using one of the methods described above. The Duplicate command will exactly mimic your Option drag, allowing you to quickly create an accurately spaced row or column of objects. Warning: If you want the Duplicate command to mimic your Option drag, you must not do anything in between dragging and performing the Duplicate command. If you click anywhere else in the form, the Duplicate command will not mimic the Option drag.

Advanced: Duplicating via Blueprint Code

A third way to duplicate form objects is by using blueprint code. This technique allows you to “tweak” the specifications of the object as they are duplicated.

Start by selecting the objects, then click on the Blueprint tool and choose Copy Constructor Code (Selected Objects).

Next, click on the Blueprint tool again and choose Paste Constructor Code….

Panorama will open a dialog sheet containing the specifications of objects that were copied onto the clipboard.

If you just want to make an exact copy of the objects, simply press the Update Form button. Panorama will create an exact copy of the objects.

However, you are not limited to an exact copy. You can edit the code to modify the new object to any specification you want. In this example the code has been modified to create the new object further down and to the right, with a different color, and with 12 points to the star instead of 5.

When the Update Form button is pressed, the new object according to the modified specifications.

This example showed a single object, but you can use this technique on as many objects as you like.

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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but now if you want to prevent diagonal dragging you must wait to press the Shift key until after you start dragging.