Use Text Label objects to create short, fixed items of text. Once you’ve created a Text Label object, double click on the new object to edit it. When you are finished editing, press the Enter key or click outside the text label object.

To edit the text in an existing text label object, double click on the object.

Text Labels can contain multiple lines, press the Return key to add a new line. Then when you’re done, press Enter or click outside the object.

As you edit the text, the object will automatically expand and shrink to fit the text inserted in it. Let Panorama set the object size automatically, don’t try to change the size the normal way (if you do, it will spring back the next time you edit the text).

See Fonts to learn how to modify the font and/or text size of a Text Label object.

Text Labels can only contain fixed text – you can’t merge data or formulas into the text. If you need to do that, use a Text Display Object.

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10.0NewNew in this version, similar to "click text" in previous versions of Panorama.