The gettext statement will display a dialog with a text entry area.


This statement has two parameters:

prompt – is a message that will be displayed in the dialog, just above the text. This message should explain what the user needs to enter.

inputtext – Field or variable where user’s input will be placed. If this is a field, it should be a text field.


This statement will display a dialog with a text entry area. The user may enter something and press Ok, or they may press the Stop button. If they press the Stop button the procedure will stop and the field or variable won’t be updated.

The dialog is usually just large enough to enter one line containing about 25 characters of text. To make this dialog larger use the customdialog statement. Or for full customization, use the newer gettextdialog statement instead of this statement.

This example asks the user to enter an area code, then selects all phone numbers in that area code. The default area code is 909 .

local whatArea
gettext "Area code:",whatArea
select Phone match "("+whatArea+")*"

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